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Project Improvement of languages and computer of the children and youngsters of Jaffna.

Sri Lanka Where?

General information about the situation in Sillalai-Jaffna - North-Sri Lanka:
During more than 30 years the North of Sri Lanka, especially the region of Jaffna-Province suffered from a civil war between the Tamil-Tigers and the Sinhalese Army.
Due to that war, many families had to leave their homes and lived as displaced persons during years and years; Nowadays, little by little, a lot of them are able to return to their mostly destroyed houses.

Nearly a three decade war created High Security Zones at the coast and made families live separated as Internally Displaced People (IDP). Afterwards they lived with their families or friends or in severe controlled camps.

The ethnic war ended in 2009, but the whole Vanni-district was left damaged or ruined.
Since 2012, more than 100.000 families could return from the camps to the Northern Province.
Also the people from the demolished Vanni-district had lived with families or friends. Some families could return to the coastal area, but the High Security-zones still exist, where more than 10.000 families survive in camps, temporary relief centers or with family or friends.
All the houses and buildings in the Vanni-district have been destroyed. Most of these families lost their breadwinners: they were killed, missing or detained and arrested, living in very poor conditions.

Social aspect:
Our project is very important for the Northern part of Sri Lanka, to recover from the civil war. This war has traumatized the children of the Northern part of the island. They are physically and mentally affected. After so many post-war years, step by step, students are improving at school and achieve better results.

Description of the project:
Tamil is the native language of the North, but the knowledge of English, Sinhala and Computer are essential to find a job. Many students are still weak in these languages. Extra coaching will help them to improvement.
A lot of families in our area of Sillalai are farmers, fishermen or workers. Most of them are very poor and are still affected by the war.
Because of this poverty, families are hardly interested in studying a second language.
But youngsters between 16 and 22 are interested and will benefit from our classes.

St. Eymard Youth Formation Center - Sillalai, Padateruppu:
The Blessed Sacrament Community of the Cenacle of Christ, the Devine Healer is situated in Sillalai-Village in the Jaffna-district.
There is a large building where language- and computer-lessons can be given.
We have contacted five surrounding villages to encourage pupils and school-leavers to follow the classes.
With the help and collaboration of the school-headmaster and the teachers, students will certainly go forward.

We plan to give lessons to selected students, after school and during weekends. Also school-leavers will be targeted. Many of them are very weak in English, Sinhala and Computer. Therefore, extra care will be given. The training will take four months and two batches will be enrolled during one school-year. 150 students will benefit from these courses and those who end up successfully will obtain a certificate.
10 computers will be available for computer-training. English and Sinhala will be given by qualified teachers.

Increase the knowledge of other languages and computer to achieve good results at school and find an appropriate job.

These youngsters will get more self-confidence to compete with other class-mates.
Higher results.
A better future-prospect to find a job.

Monitoring, Accounting and Reporting:
Fr. Joseph Packiam SSS is responsible for this project. Account-statements and photographs will be forwarded with a final report.

Didactic material : 10 computers for 150 students are needed urgently.