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SSS TRAINING FOR THE PRIESTHOOD is helping young, poor people who love to become a priest.

What does the training look like?

In response to the needs of today, the curriculum of our seminarists is very dynamic, practical and creative. For many of them it is a dream to grow up together with fellow believers and to develop spiritually in a community. They live among the ordinary people and their daily activities include prayer, study and manual labour. Once they are ordained, they engage in training, teaching, fighting against hunger and misery, passing on Christian values, teaching people to respect one another.

What does the training look like today?

The training for the priesthood covers 8 years after secondary school:

2 or 3 years of philosophy
1 of 2 years of noviciate
4 years of theology + traineeship

How can you help the training for the priesthood?

through prayer
by praying for callings together with the Blessed Sacrament-religious.
By helping to pay for the studies and training of seminarists
By legacies: you really can support the training for the priesthood by stating in your will: "bequest to SSS training for the priesthood…" Please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements.

Financial support during the different stages of training-programs remains urgently needed in Congo (Democratic Republic), India, Senegal and Vietnam.

Congo (Democratic Republic):

During this academic year 2015, the scolasticate 'Emmaus' at Kikusa (Kinshasa) has 27 seminarians and 3 priests-coaches.

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God has blessed us this year with a lot of vocations, especially we get vocations from the northern part of India. The Novitiate is situated at Goa - 14 novices. The postulants and seminarians respectively are in Mumbai, Nalgonda, Chennai, Agashi and Pune.

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Our Inter-African Noviciate at Koudiadiène has 25 novices.

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Your donation contributes a lot:

With a gift of € 20,00 - US$ 28,00 you grant a scholarship during 1 month
With a gift of € 120,00 - US$ 168,00 you grant a scholarship during 6 months
With a gift of € 200,00 - US$ 280,00 you grant the training of a novice
With your donation of € 750,00 - US$ 1050,00 you grant the training and the scholarship during the four last years
With your donation of € 1.500,00 - US$ 2100,00 00 you grant the complete training and the scholarship until the priesthood.

We will accept with gratitude any donation into account number:

IBAN: BE20 3800 8073 1656
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